Tweets for Today

  • 03:13 JollysFastVNC is the best VNC client on the mac. Switched from Chicken of the VNC. Get JollysFastVNC here: #
  • 04:27 Hello World: Meet my new identity. #
  • 04:40 Can’t use Twitter with my Jabber account. #
  • 05:07 Unless Gizmodo or Engadget has an auto updating page for Steve’s keynote, I’ll be sticking with since they did last time. #
  • 13:12 You’d think you can add an image in going to Manage > Media. However, you need to go to a post and add media there. #
  • 13:45 Amazon seems to be down. Trying to buy a DVI to VGA adapter and a VGA to composite adapter. #
  • 14:46 Holidays and Weather are extremely handy on my Google Calendar. #
  • 18:09 Something wrong with Twitter’s layout. Using Leopard with Firefox and text is overflowing. See screenshot: #
  • 18:31 Needed to convert tif to png. No Photoshop, so tried Splashup, couldn’t open tif. Used Seahorse and it worked. Picnik would work too. #
  • 18:32 Picnik great for newbs, Splashup more advanced with layers. #
  • 18:47 Drinking wine from the bottle. Happy Monday to me. #
  • 18:57 Upgrading to Firefox 3 RC2 seemed to fix my Twitter layout problem. #
  • 19:47 Watching Diggnation 153 #

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