Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

Update (6/17/08 @ 17:25): Click here instead for a list of current polyphasic bloggers.


I’m on a quest to find all the polyphasic bloggers of the interwebs.

I’ve had some success finding past and current polyphasic sleepers via summize, google alerts, FriendFeed, and 43things.

--- # Curent Polyphasic Bloggers

All the bloggers above currently are on a polyphasic sleep schedule and have blogged about it this month. I will be updating this list regularly.

Also, I decided to create a feed called “Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping” as a resource for people who are interested in polyphasic sleep. It will only include feeds with direct permission from the blogger.

I am not doing this as any sort of business venture, so I prefer feeds with no ads. I am doing this because I believe that polyphasic sleep can be an alternative to monophasic sleep. Many people switch back to monophasic sleep not because of health issues, but due to social pressures. Seeing more polyphasic sleepers out there can ease the pressure.

If you are a polyphasic sleeper and would like to be included, here’s what you can do:

I can then add the feed using Yahoo Pipes, and your post along with other polyphasic sleepers posts will show up at this feed for people to subscribe to.

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