You Gotta Give to Get

In my excitement to get the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleep feed together, I forgot about an obvious life lesson. You gotta give to get.

I realized this after contacting several bloggers who wrote about polyphasic sleep, asking them to join the feed, and getting rejected every single time. This is understandable since I would probably do the same if a total stranger asked me to do a little extra work in my already busy schedule.

So now, I have a new goal. I want to attract polyphasic bloggers to the feed without asking them. To do that, I’ll need to start creating amazing content on the feed myself first (to gain some street cred). In time, if other polyphasic bloggers think their content would be in good company and know there’s an open invitation, then they can contact me later about adding their feed.

Until then, happy napping to all the polyphasic sleepers out there.

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