Kyte, You are the Chosen One

Update (6/17/08 @ 16:47): I’ve decided on Qik instead.


Last night, I was contemplating which video service I would use to video log my polyphasic naps during the adaptation period. Kind of like how Will Smith video logged his experiments in “I am Legend”.

There were so many video services to choose from. Just now, ultra video blogger Robert Scoble made my choice easy. He recommends After reading his reasoning on TechCrunch, it seems has all the features I would need to record my naps from anywhere.

I don’t want the hassle of capturing, encoding, and uploading. That means I have to be able to stream live video and have it archived. I can do that with wifi and a webcam, however, sometimes I won’t be at home when I have to take a nap. So that means I’ll have to be able to stream from a 3g phone as well. fits the bill. You can upload a file and stream via webcam/wifi and 3g/phone. I wonder what the maximum length for streaming is. My core sleep starts at 7 hours and gradually decreases to 20 minutes as days go by. Also, I’m wondering if I can download my videos back to my hard drive. I’ll play around with it today.

Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

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2 Responses to Kyte, You are the Chosen One

  1. clickspice says:

    Well not so clear cut, you need to read the other 100 comments on the Techcrunch original posting and see that the headline is not all that it seems.

    You should be looking into QiK, Bambuser and Flixwagen !

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