#Hashtags are your Friend

I’ve been seeing people following a certain convention on Twitter. They would start using the # symbol in front of certain words. I knew what the @ symbol does, but I’ve just started seeing the # symbol recently. What the fuck is that shit?, I thought to myself.

I use Twitter’s website to read/write tweets. When I see a word with the # symbol in front of it, it doesn’t provide a link or anything special. Here’s an example.


So next, I tried doing a search for #PPSX on summize, and I noticed the “show conversation” link.
Summize Conversations

I clicked it, and it showed me the conversation for that tweet.
#ppsx conversation

Pretty neat. Looks like you use the # symbol to tag a certain topic. Next, I clicked the advanced search option and there was an option for a hashtag.


Ahhh.. finally, a name for this thing. A simple google search for hashtag brought me to hashtags.org which explains everything. Basically, hashtags let you tag tweets, so certain topics will be grouped together. You can learn more about hashtags here.

Naturally, I wanted to use hashtags to tag my polyphasic sleep tweets. Here’s how i can do it:

  1. Follow @hashtags
  2. use #polyphasic on my tweets regarding polyphasic sleep

And my tweets on polyphasic sleep will be grouped with others here. I suggest you do the same if you’d like to get into a conversation with other people interested in polyphasic sleep.

I like the idea of hashtags, so I’ll be keeping up to date with hashtag developments at the hashtags.org blog.

It’d be nice if Twitter automatically created a link to http://summize.com/search?q=%23polyphasic when it sees #polyphasic.

In hindsight, I should’ve just asked @turoczy, @steveswrong, or @brampitoyo what the fuck the # symbol meant, and it would’ve saved me a bunch of detective work.

Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

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