A Declaration of the Independence of Jorel

I came into this world with wool over my eyes. I followed rules that I did not create. I was given a name that I did not choose.

I have observed these rules, and they have been sufficient in keeping me functioning but not happy. I am not destined to follow these rules forever.

It is my right as a free thinking, cognitive being to disagree with the rules presented to me. By unplugging myself from systems of fear, I have time for personal reflection and have come up with my own beliefs.

I believe there is no act that is truly right or wrong in everyone’s eyes. There is only what I as an individual believe through my unique experiences, and whether or not I act according to my beliefs. When I follow my beliefs, I feel good. When I go against my beliefs, I feel bad. That is my religion.

As I gain experiences in this amazing world, my beliefs adapt over time. I need no certification or approval to act upon my beliefs, nor shall I force another to believe what I believe. My ideas are worth living for. They are worth dying for.

The veil blocking my vision has been lifted, I now follow my own rules, and I have chosen a name.

My name is Jorel, and this is my declaration of independence.

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