Alex Monophasic

Alex’s #polyphasic blog seems to have suddenly hit a road block. Being the youngest polyphasic blogger, he had to subdue to his parental units’ wishes.

See his last polyphasic post here, and you can also view my conversations with him in the logs from the polyphasic group chat room.

It saddens me to see him go off the list of active polyphasic bloggers.

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4 Responses to Alex Monophasic

  1. maybe ill go bi…


  2. puredoxyk says:

    Hey you…I’ve been reading the polyphasic feed you set up, and I like it very much so far. If you want to add my posts, that would be fine. (You may want to filter it so that it only adds the posts marked “polyphasic”, as I do a lot of other stuff with my blog too.)

    Thanks for your hard work,

  3. jorel314 says:


    Biphasic still counts as being polyphasic. Let me know when you start blogging about it, and I’ll re-add you.

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