The Demise of Twitter

Customer Service

I like Twitter.

It’s a very cool service once you know what to use it for. It’s simple to use. There’s plenty of third party services utilizing its API. It goes down from time to time, but uptime has been getting better. There are other services offering micro-blogging too, but Twitter has a larger community.

That being said, I foresee the death of Twitter.

It’s not because of too many fail whales or because they haven’t introduced any new features since I signed up (They actually have been disabling many features instead of adding).

The main reason Twitter is going down is customer service.

I sent a message to Twitter asking a simple question. I used, created a tweet, and used their request form all asking the same question. 14 days later, no official answer from Twitter.

It doesn’t matter how innovative or how large your community of users is. If you don’t have amazing customer service, you will be going down. I should know, I used to run a business that had horrid customer service.

Poor customer service usually means the team is backlogged with work. They are either procrastinating and/or have too much on their plate. It gets that way due to personal habits of the team. So either the team changes their personalities which is unlikely, or the team is replaced which is also unlikely. So poor customer service will remain and will be the undoing of a great service.

Just because they are the first ones to get micro-blogging popular, doesn’t mean they’ll stay on top. Look at search engines and AltaVista. Or social networks and Friendster. Now that I’ve found an alternative to Twitter. I am ready to make a switch.

My new micro-blogging service of choice is

I’ve had some time to play around with it. It’s elegant and has the basics down, but is missing some features of Twitter. The kicker is that it is open source and decentralized. Basically, that means it can turn micro-blogging into something that no one owns. Just like how email isn’t owned by anyone, but we can all use it. And because it is open source, if you want a feature added, you don’t have to wait for one company to develop it, you can create it yourself.

Open Source SaaS FTW!

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