You’re Welcome Bolo!

This thank you message was from my old abandoned blog.

i had a desktop pc that was totally crashed. it wouldn’t even start my microsoft windows application anymore. i was so bummed out because i relied on this pc all the time and used it for work and pleasure. well, i had a buddy of mine check it out and he’s pretty good with computers. after all said and done, the computer needed a new harddrive and would roughly cost me $400 to repair, including losing all my files. i just gave up and started using my laptop. i left my desktop to collect dust for more than 8 months.

one of my good friends jaz came along one day and said her man arneil, aka “ozz” is really good at fixing computers and would be happy to check it out. although i gave up on the desktop months ago, a spark came up in my mind and for some reason i was ok with the fact that i’d keep my hopes high one more time and let him try it out. eh, what the heck.. it was his hobby and it’d keep him busy!

it turned out that he seemed as excited about it as i did, but i still had a doubt in my mind that nobody, and i mean.. nobody.. can fix it. after they came to visit me all the way accross the bay, they took my desktop and off they went. well, just like how my cars take forever in bodyshops, i had the same mindset, assuming to just wait so long about the pc and forget about it.. cus it’d probably take him months.

well, to make a longer story shorter, ozz backed up all my files and saved each and every one of them. i’m talking files as far as old memorable phots, old school songs, funny videos, private personal files, work files, etc. i mean, this friend of mine saved it all! he did admit that it my pc desktop was quite a challenge. i mean, c’mon, it was possessed! it would just shut off during a download or during a test he was performing. well, unlucky me needed a.. yup, a new harddrive. =(..

as i later went accross the bay to pick it up, he turned it on for me and.. what do u know.. he replaced my harddrive absolutely for free! not only were all my files still there as i mentioned before, the programs to run those files were upgraded! ozz installed new programs to make my “new” pc run smoothly and faster. it’s virus free! it worked so well, i couldn’t believe my eyes. i brought it home and i spent the whole rest of the week looking at old files, laughing and bringing back memories.

so i would like to thank you AGAIN, mr. arneil “ozz”. i am a happy customer and the word about you is out there and spreading. thanks!

– Bolo


Alpha Mesh

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5 Responses to You’re Welcome Bolo!

  1. gina says:

    i seriously cannot thank you enough for finding my file — 8 weeks worth of notes that would be really hard to get back — almost 70 pages!!
    the computer guys at school couldn’t figure it out and told me it’d cost upwards of a grand to locate my file. then joe told me you may be able to help, but i already gave up.
    then you came to berkeley, gave me all this software and found my file. you are amazing, but most of all i was really touched by your kindness and attitude towards life. i hope the world is populated with more jorel’s.

  2. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the kind words!

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  4. mama zeny says:

    jorel, you made me proud. i love you. mom

  5. jorel314 says:


    Thanks! I learned by watching you.

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