matthew diephuis: Polyphasic Blogger

I just got a Google Alert for matthew diephuis‘ polyphasic sleep blog called “No Sleep For School“. Matthew has been trying out the everyman schedule since September 3. I believe he is currently the youngest polyphasic blogger on the list.

Here are some excerpts from his blog:

My main reason to attempt polyphasic sleep is the increase the time i have awake every day by 3-4 hours.

another source of motivation for me is that there is no known documentation of anyone under 18 attempting this sleep schedule. i am currently a junior in high school and i figure someone under 18 has to try and record their efforts eventually.

my greatest concern is that i do cross country for my school every day which is quite intense and could cause my to be very tired and therefore miss a nap or oversleep.

View his first post on polyphasic sleep here:

Happy napping Matthew!

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One Response to matthew diephuis: Polyphasic Blogger

  1. alexbeuford says:

    It’s great to see another young person is trying polyphasic sleep, I hope he does it well and has more luck than me. By the way, I set up a wordpress account so I can leave comments on other bloggers. This is the same guy as alex polyphasic.

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