Quadruple Digits

This is a first for me. As of this writing, I’ve reached 3,050 views on a video I remixed on youtube.

The video is of a cat stalking. I added the Jaws music. You can check it out here:

I was able to download the original youtube video following the instructions from here:

Then I used FrostWire to download the Jaws Theme music. Get FrostWire here:

Then I used my pirated version of Final Cut Pro to time the music to the video. Get Final Cut Pro here:

To get the word out. I sent the youtube link to some cat lover friends. I signed up to some cat forums and posted a link. The original video was already viral, so I also put the link as a comment on digg and reddit.

Getting quadruple digit hits makes me feel like remixing more videos. I have a good one in mind about robots.


Arrr! Prepare to be boarded.

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2 Responses to Quadruple Digits

  1. Jae Dee says:

    Congratulations. I’ve felt a similar feeling!

  2. alexbeuford says:

    Lol, I have like 60 000 youtube views all up. My brother watched one of my videos and decided he would create a video, copied my video exactly (it was of a game). Same place, same people same thing happened but he used all green day music instead of the music I used. He somehow got like over 200k views ^.^ my youtube is master60771

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