Polyphasic Eye Candy

I recently checked up on the Polyphasic Sleep article on Wikipedia. I saw that a user named Harshey88 added a cool diagram, and that inspired me to add some diagrams as well.

Using the handy dandy Polyphasic Pie Chart Creator and modifying the results a little with the help of the Google Chart API guide, I was able to create these…

Hordaland, a fellow Wikipedian, soon after seeing them in the article asked me if I could create a biphasic one too. So I added this one to the mix.

You can see the charts in all their glory on the polyphasic sleep wikipedia article here.

The colors of the charts were inspired by a blog post called, “Inspiration by Super Heroes Color Schemes“. The post shows different color schemes of popular super heroes. I chose Batman’s color scheme because I believe the character was a polyphasic sleeper.

If you’re interested, the hex codes for Batman’s colors are 586F8E, 7D858F, and 000000. With the hex codes, you too can use Batman’s colors on the web. To get the hex code, I downloaded the image from the blog post I mentioned, opened up the image in GIMP, and used the color picker tool.

I’m starting to really enjoy contributing to the Wikipedia project. You can check out more Wikipedia articles I’ve worked on here…



Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

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5 Responses to Polyphasic Eye Candy

  1. jorel314 says:

    Cool! Someone used one of these charts on their blog. Check it out here…


    Dedicating my work to the public domain is awesome.

  2. Just Chris says:

    These charts actually helped me visualize how to choose my sleep schedule. Thanks for putting them on wikipedia! I probably wouldn’t have started my everyman schedule with out them ;)

  3. jorel314 says:

    @Just Chris

    Glad you found them helpful!

  4. jorel314 says:

    Found another blogger who found the charts useful here:


  5. runiteking1 says:

    That’s where they came from! Thank you for creating these!

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