Polyphasic Chatter

cc photo by Dave Chung

UPDATE (12/29/08 @ 11:31am)
There’s plenty of real time chat also going on at the polyphasic sleep IRC channel here.


If you’re looking for a good place to chat with polyphasic sleepers, Google Groups is the place to be.

Is it just me, or did winter somehow make that place come alive? There wasn’t much activity over there for awhile, then towards the end of November, I started seeing more and more posts.

I’ve seen Greg over there who created some lovely polyphasic mp3 tracks to doze off to. He’s also a moderator for the Google Group and Dream Views forum.

I’ve seen Kirk there who is an admin at polyphasicsleep.info. He granted me admin privledges at the wiki too. Woot!

I’ve seen Brad there who is the poly-phasers.com admin. He’s currently revamping the site.

And last but not least, I’ve seen puredoxyk chiming in to give some veteran advice.

There’s lots of interesting polyphasic related conversations going on there. There’s one about Modafinil, a drug that helps you get up after a nap. There’s one about an ultramarathoner who only needs 3 hours of sleep. And there’s lots of new polyphasic sleepers saying hello.

If you’re interested in discussing polyphasic sleep, get your ass over to the Polyphasic Google Group by clicking here.

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