Happy Public Domain Day!

cc photo by jenny downing

Today is Public Domain Day which celebrates the expiration of the copyright of a year’s worth of works of authorship into the public domain. For a list of some works now released to the public domain click here.

While having a work’s copyright expire is great, what I think is even better is when a work is dedicated to the public domain on purpose by the creator.

True artists want their work to reach the greatest audience possible.

I’d say that people who want to limit their audience to people who will only give them money are more businessmen than artists.

I’m a huge fan of biomimicry, and that is why I choose to dedicate my work to the public domain. I’m following the footsteps of whomever created the universe. These creators don’t expect to be compensated for their work on the universe, they give us the choice to modify the universe for our needs, and they created the universe anonymously.

The creators of the universe are true artists.

That’s why Set Free was created, to show that consciously dedicating your work to the public domain can lead to amazing things.

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