Tutorial: How to make a Silent Ringtone

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I never answer calls from a number that I don’t know. If it’s important they’ll leave a message. I have this one caller that calls me everyday and never leaves a message. I’m thinking it’s an automated call. How do I prevent the caller from interrupting me on a daily basis?

A Solution

As I mentioned before, I have a Nokia N85 mobile phone. Either there isn’t a built in way to block calls from certain numbers, or I’m blind and just can’t find this feature. In any case, here’s a quick and dirty workaround.

I can easily assign ringtones for certain numbers. Therefore, a silent ringtone would prevent the unwanted call from bothering me.

Here’s the 1 second silent ringtone I created which is available to download from archive.org


Like everything I create, the silent ringtone has been set free from any copyrights using the CC0 waiver.

If you don’t want to use the silent ringtone I created, here’s how to create it yourself using a Mac.


  1. Install Audacity
  2. Install LAME MP3 Encoder
  3. Create Silence
  4. Export Silent Audio File

1. Install Audacity

Audacity is an open source audio editing application. You can download it here…

2. Install LAME MP3 Encoder

LAME MP3 Encoder lets us create mp3 files. You can download it here…

3. Create Silence

  • In your Applications folder, open up Audacity.
  • In Audacity’s menu, go to “Generate” > “Silence…”
  • In the “Silence Generator” window, enter “000,001 seconds” and click “OK”

4. Export Silent Audio File

  • In Audacity’s menu, go to “File” > “Export…”
  • In the “Edit Metadata” window, click “OK”
  • In the “Save As:” field, enter “silence.mp3”
  • Choose a folder to save it in.
  • In the “Format:” field, choose “MP3 Files” and click “Options…”
  • For “Bit Rate Mode:”, choose “Constant”
  • For “Quality”, choose “8 kbps”
  • For “Channel Mode”, choose “Joint Stereo” and click “OK”
  • Click “Save”
  • An “Invalid sample rate” message should appear.
  • For “Sample Rates”, choose “8000” and click “OK”.

You should now have a silent mp3 that you can use as a ringtone for phones that support truetones.


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21 Responses to Tutorial: How to make a Silent Ringtone

  1. eksith says:

    Great solution!

    I think to be able to block a call, the number has to be available. If the caller’s number is not present, I don’t think you can block it.

    Eitherw way, I think operator assistance is required for this. The phone may not have an option to block certain calls depending on the model, firmware version, provider etc…

    Also, if you need to call a marketer to get your number off the call list, I would strongly advise you use *67 to first block your return ID.

    Of course, this will only work for certain numbers.

  2. enoksrd says:

    Thanks! I needed a silent .mp3 for something totally unrelated.

  3. jorel314 says:


    Glad it helped…

  4. brandon says:


  5. lol says:

    Thanks x
    really needed this.

  6. Robin says:

    Thank you so much! This is PERFECT! I’ve been looking for something like this forever!

  7. flow91 says:

    thx alot

  8. SP says:

    Thank you for that, I have a caller I want to block, but there was no ‘silence’ ringtone on my phone. I’m sure there was, and tbh, there should be an option like that available on all phones if it’s not possible to manually block certain numbers.

  9. Sarah says:

    Thank you so so much!! My phone wouldn’t let me not have a sound for text messages but I could have a personalized ringtone for them so getting this on my phone was perfect! Now I’m not insanely annoyed when I receive texts! Thank you!!

  10. marko says:


  11. md0faris says:

    thank you very much. :*)

  12. devsdca says:

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    If you’re looking for a silent ringtone for your iPnone, the regular mp3 version does not work. Check http://www.silentringtone.org for more information and download.

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  14. Ignore says:

    HOLY COW…. I was too lazy to make this, and your file made my day! Thanks!! I have a few automated calls that come in at odd times while at work, sleep, etc. My Droid has “send direct to voicemail” but it doesn’t work all the time. This will keep me from disturbing other people.
    Thanks again!

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  16. brian says:

    I just set this as my default ringtone and put all my contacts into groups, with ringtones for each group. That should take care of the blocked number problem. I might miss calls from a few numbers that I forget to add to groups, or to my directory. As Jorel says, though, if it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

  17. justina says:

    Thanks, your silent ringtone was perfect…. I assigned the nuisance caller to a group and gave the group the silent rintone….. Wonderfull, so easy!!!

    Justina, London

  18. Will Thomas says:

    Thanks! British Gas hassling me for days!

  19. girlfriday says:

    thank you!

  20. Where can I find a soundcard I can load piano soundfonts onto for piano midi files?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much . This helped me in wp8.1:)

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