February 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

cc photo by Bruno Cordioli

The following have been added to the list of current polyphasic bloggers

“Unlike Young Lions” by Dirk Feeny
“the DJ” by Francesco Bellafante
“The Journey” by Jet Lej
“Sitka Nature”
“Polyphasium” by Geekapolluza
“Magical Chest” by Rosine Caplot

The following have been removed from the list…

“Loïc Herry Blog” by Loïc Herry
“I’m on an Everyman Sleep Schedule” by Chris and Ehau
“Polyphasic or Bust” by Hunner
“AcidRayne Coder Blog” by Rayne
“Thought Racer” by Ben
“Leap of Rason” by Nathaniel
“DaVinci-Man.com” by Jimmy Rodriguez
“Polyphasic sleeping: A woman’s perspective!” by Dinah Geiger
“forensic” by forensic
“MousePotatoPower” by David Dugay
“Uberman Sleep Scedule” by enaz

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2 Responses to February 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

  1. porel ji says:

    why you so wierd

  2. porel ji says:

    just kidding

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