Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’d like to share the pi image that I created above.

The ascii art image is composed of the first 333 digits of π. I used the following to count the digits for me…

Like everything I create, the ascii pi has been set free from any copyrights by using the CC0 waiver. Feel free to use it however you please.

Here are various formats of the ascii pi that you can download from archive.org

Here’s a way to recreate the ascii pi…

  1. Get an image of pi from wikipedia
  2. Use GIMP to convert the svg into a flattened png
  3. Use the png with this ascii art generator….
  4. Copy and paste the result into a text editor
  5. Replace the characters from the generator with the first 333 digits of pi…

You should now have an ascii pi image created from the first 333 digits of pi. You can copy and paste that into Inkscape to make a svg or png version.

Set Free

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9 Responses to Happy Pi Day!

  1. Dave says:

    Will making Pi images get me chicks?

    Actually, nevermind that. I’d rather know what polyphasic is. It’s really huge in the tag cloud but I’m afraid to click it as it may be a link to goatse or something.

    I really hate that picture (goatse that is). Mostly due to the fact that it excites me. I end up poking my erect penis with a needle to drain some blood just to get it flaccid. Cops once thought I was a junkie due to the track marks on my dong. Don’t ask why a cop was looking at my dong. That’s a whole other story.

    Well this is awkward now. You probably think I’m some weirdo or something. Whenever I tell someone about my track marks they start acting different around me. I really ought to remove the above section but there’s a few issues stopping me from doing so.

    1. I have no mouse or arrow keys. I don’t want to use the backspace key since it’ll take like a hundred clicks to remove all the mess from above.

    2. I never remove or edit anything that I ever type. It’s the principle of the matter. Also the issues I described in number 1.

    3. I secretly want to share the information I told and hope that perhaps today I’ll meet someone who won’t think I’m a freak.

    Well, this turned into an extremely verbose comment. Guess I should be going now. I’ll probably won’t see a reply to this comment since I probably won’t remember your website address. Perhaps, one day, in the not so distant future, we shall meet again and discuss many topics, ranging from novellas and the shoes toolkit to theology and basketball.

    Although there’s not much I have to say about basketball but I’ll feign interest for you if you wish to discuss it.

    See you in another life brother||sister.

  2. jorel314 says:


    Wow, thanks for the entertaining comment Dave. If you had a blog, I’d definitely subscribe…

  3. Baylink says:

    I *knew* *someone* would have already done this, so I didn’t have to; thanks. Oops, here: let me go backlink this for credit.


  4. Dave says:


    Looks like I did remember your blog’s address. Well, it was my browser who remembered really. It usually doesn’t though but I hadn’t watched any porn yesterday so had no reason to clear my cache.

    I was curious if my comment made it to your blog since it was under moderation so I returned. Some people are no-fun and wouldn’t have approved my comment. I must warn you though, you may have made the wrong decision.

    I would probably take your approval (and praise in your comment) that my behavior is acceptable but I doubt that it is. Believe me, you’re not the first to find my cheeky ramblings as ‘entertaining’ but over-exposure would make you wonder what you found funny about it in the first place. I guess I’m one of those guys who tries too hard =(

    Well, I don’t keep a blog. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have a blog but I pretend to be what society usually defines as ‘normal’. And the blog isn’t really for me. Some people have asked me to chronicles the going-ons of my life and I obliged. I haven’t met any of those people nor did I know them prior to their request but once a couple of hundred people subscribe to your blog, you kind of feel compelled to give them more of what they ask.

    Perhaps I should start a proper blog where I would have the freedom to discuss all the oddities that roam my mind daily. Perhaps I’ll find the girl of my dreams or my one true friend.

    Now I’m all excited. The possibilities are endless. Maybe I will get the girl of my dreams (AlJazeera’s 6 o’clock news anchor Maryam Nemazee) or that elusive one friend who could appreciate all my complexities and make sense of it for me.

    There’s no time to waste. Time to create a blog. I’ll be back here tomorrow with a link.

    P.S. http://www.reportercaps.proboards99.com/index.cgi?board=international&action=display&thread=5727

  5. jorel314 says:


    I’ve been waiting for your blog link.

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