March 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

cc photo by Nicolas Lannuzel

The following have been added to the list of current polyphasic bloggers.

“Aximilation Blog” by Aximilation
“Polyphasic or bust” by Hunner
My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment”
“Conscious Growth” by William Womack
“Jayden” by Jayden

The following have been removed from the list.

“Sleepless in Saskatoon” by Toad008
“The Raw Way” by Mila Bogen
“I am an explorer.” by Michael Erps
“Uberman’s Sleep Schedule Experiment” by experimenter
“Shekkery’s Adventures” by Shekkery
“Polyphasic Sleep Log” by Sara L. Christensen
“Conscious Flex” by Nicholas Powiull
“Ola’s Blog” by Ola Leirfald
“kuhrazyben” by kuhrazyben
“J Boyko’s Blog” by J Boyko
“A Sleep Experiment” by Nandi
“The BK Lounge” by Brent Klauck
“My polyphasic sleeping blog” by Tom
“Sleep Bias” by Zyfo
“Unlike Young Lions” by Dirk Feeny
“the DJ” by Francesco Bellafante
“The Journey” by Jet Lej
“Magical Chest” by Rosine Caplot

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2 Responses to March 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

  1. Brent says:

    Hi Jorel,

    I was just doing a search for my name on Google and found a link to my blog(now former blog). I appreciate you linking to my site. I’m interested as to how you found my site? Also, I see you have taken me off the list of current polyphasic bloggers. This is accurate :P I have not been blogging about it recently. Stay tuned though, as I will begin blogging about it again beginning mid May. Stay tuned, as it will be better than before and on my current blogs domain, bk-lounge [dot] com

    Thanks again,

    Brent Klauck
    The BK Lounge

  2. jorel314 says:

    Hey Brent,

    Using Google Alerts, I get an email everytime someone has the word polyphasic in a blog post.

    I’ll be sure to add your new blog to the list when you start up in May!

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