Polyphasic Sleep on Mythbusters

I was reading my nerd news on reddit and came across this interview with Adam Savage from MythBusters. You can view the video interview here…


The interview mentions that the new MythBusters season starts today, so I went on Wikipedia to check out what this season had in store. You can view what’s coming up this season here…


I saw they will be doing an episode on pykrete which I’m very interested in because I want to make my own island on international waters. I’ll discuss the island on a different post.

Anyways, that got me thinking if they featured polyphasic sleep on MythBusters. I did a little research, and to my knowledge, polyphasic sleep hasn’t been featured yet.

Inspired by Adam’s talk on obsession, I wondered what steps I would need to take to get polyphasic sleep featured on MythBusters. By the way, you can view Adam’s talk on obsession here…


So internet, I’m turning to you. Here’s some ways you can help get polyphasic sleep to be featured on Mythbusters.

1. Leave a comment on the official Mythbusters forum

Polyphasic Post

2. Contact Adam Savage


3. Contact Jamie Hyneman


4. Contact Tory Belleci


5. Contact Kari Byron


6. Contact Grant Imahara


7. Contact Discovery Channel PR


I no longer use MySpace or Twitter, so I’m hoping some of you polyphasic experimenters who do you use these services could put in a good word about polyphasic sleep to the cast.

If you’re going to contact the cast, please contact each person just once about polyphasic sleep and using one form of contact. I don’t want them to feel so overwhelmed with requests that they end up hating the topic polyphasic sleep.

Also, don’t forget to watch the new season which premieres today! I don’t watch too many TV shows, but I always make time for MythBusters.

Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

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3 Responses to Polyphasic Sleep on Mythbusters

  1. puredoxyk says:

    Okay, neat idea! I’m not sure they’d like to do something as “lengthy” as polyphasic sleep (though I might be mistaken in my thinking that their experiments are usually relatively short — I’m not a TV person; only seen bits of the show a few times) — but if they would, I and quite a few other polyphasers would be all over helping them out, I bet!

  2. jorel314 says:


    Yah, usually the myths they explore aren’t as lengthy as polyphasic sleep.

    Even if they didn’t try to bust polyphasic sleep, I’d consider it a win if one of the cast members explored polyphasic sleep on their own and mentioned it publicly on the show, an interview, or twittered it.

    Are there any mainstream celebrities that have confirmed they were a polyphasic sleeper?

  3. Aximilation says:

    Yea, doesn’t sound like their genre, especially as it’s not really a widespread “myth” per se. Worth a shot though!

    Celebrities? Of course, who else but puredoxyk? ;-) First you got that radio interview, now we’re gonna’ put you on the telly!

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