You’re Welcome Mya Rose!

As I mentioned, I recently created a site called “Alpha Nerd“. To show her support, my girl decided to leave me a testimonial.

I can’t necessarily call myself a computer wizard. I bought my first computer blindly, ended up spending about 3,000 for a dell which I added all these features i had no idea to use. Until one day, my computer was slow, pop-ups everywhere, to top that my McAfee virus scan thing expired so that opened up more windows for viruses.

Just by seconds on my computer, you already surprised me by putting all my pictures in a program i had no idea existed. This was the day i learned PICASA! I had most of my pictures scattered in different folders, and if i wanted to view them I’d have to open each one.

Soon after I grew an attraction to editing software for pictures and video. I wanted to get a new computer since the one i had was so outdated.

I had no idea where to start. After all the first time i bought a computer I ended up spending triple the amount i should have spent since the main reason why i bought it was to surf the web and do homework.

This time i knew i had some things in mind. I wanted something light, sleek, and could have capabilities of editing software and video. I purchased my first MACBOOK. LIke all the PC girls, i was hesitant. I refused to want to learn something new. Boy was i wrong. Once you go mac, YOU NEVER GO BACK!!!!

Using a Mac was unbelievably easy that my 3 year old daughter can use to play her online games on Nick Jr and PBS kids. I decided to go back to the computer doctor.

He set up EVERYTHING on my computer. From email, book marks, to all my music and pictures and files. Everything that was on my dell was transferred to my Mac. Even as a bonus, he created a separate account for my daughter that had tabs at the top with links to her favorite websites like DORA, Diego, and Disney.

THAT WAS TWO YEARS AGO! Til now, i’ve managed to switch to Mac Desktop. He set up my internet network, printer settings, and even my webpage for my business!!!!

All this for no cost! NO COST AT ALL. Who does that these days. To repay my gratitude I’ve referred customers to him who have also shared my enthusiasm in their newly awaken computers.

I’d have to say that hands down, without you… i’d be lost technically in this world. Jorel, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU..for your continuous support in all my computer problems, for your time and effort you put into personalizing my tools in order to attain my goals!!!! You truly have a GIFT and it’s amazing how many people you’ve helped.

I am in debt to you!

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