Polyphasic Sleep Study Reports

Most of my friends know I experiment with polyphasic sleep. Fortunately, one of them is in the sleep field and had access to a sleep clinic. He offered to do a sleep study on me, and I happily accepted.

So the plan was to do a monophasic sleep study first, then do another sleep study when I’m fully polyphasic to compare the two.

The local sleep clinic I went to specializes in sleep apnea. I was hooked up to an EEG, and I got to sleep in a room that resembled a nice hotel room. I had my trusty N85 with me to take a photo of all the wires I was connected to which you see in the photo above.

The results were given to me the next day, and it turned out I have sleep apnea! I did a little research, and it has been reported in some cases polyphasic sleep seemed to help with sleep apnea. Here’s an example of someone saying it helped (although there isn’t any data to go with it)…


Here’s what the sleep clinic owner said about polyphasic sleep and sleep apnea…

As for Polyphasic sleep and sleep apnea, you will continue to demonstrate sleep apnea whether you are monophasic or polyphasic. In fact, if you are polyphasic, you will no doubt have more REM sleep. During REM sleep, this is where the apneas would be more prominent. The good part of Polyphasic sleep is that your sleep periods are very brief.

Here are the actual reports from the sleep study. Please note, the owner of the sleep clinic requested to remain anonymous, so I took out any identifiable information.


Like all the original content on my blog, these sleep study reports have been set free from any copyrights using the CC0 waiver.

I’ll be sure to publish my polyphasic sleep study reports when I’m done transitioning. I’m not sure if anyone has publicly published anything like this before, so hopefully someone will find all this useful.

Also, I’d like to give my sincerest gratitude to my helpful friend and to the extremely generous sleep clinic owner.


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8 Responses to Polyphasic Sleep Study Reports

  1. Clay says:

    Great stuff. I can’t wait for the follow up polyphasic study.

  2. eftichis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these Info! I am really looking forwards to the next results, too!

    Cheers from Greece,


  3. Boreale says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jorel. I had never heard about this apnea… I guess I’m concerned also… I’d say, maybe that’s what drove me towards polyphasic sleep… but you suggest that experiencing more REM sleep, we also experience more sleep apnea…
    I don’t know, that’s very interesting…. and anyway, you’re a lucky one to have been given such an opportunity ! ;-)

  4. Clay says:

    So is the second study going to be during your “core” sleep or one of your naps?

  5. puredoxyk says:

    NO, no-one has gotten a sleep-clinic to gather data on a polyphaser before (I’ve tried several times), so this is all very exciting!

    PLEASE make sure that your adaptation and experiment are the best you can make them — take LOTS of notes! — so that the data will be of the most use to everyone.


  6. jorel314 says:

    Thanks for the support guys.

    I’m planning on doing a triphasic schedule with the same amount of naps for each.

    If it ends up being 2 naps with a core. I’ll try to arrange a sleep study for one nap and the core.

  7. whats your plan on treating your sleep apnea?

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