Alpha Nerd Milestone

cc photo by Daniel Sancho

The other day, I reached a very exciting milestone for my Alpha Nerd project. I provided my computer services to a total stranger for the very first time. Previously, I only helped family, friends, and friends of friends.

One of those friends, who wanted to market Alpha Nerd, put up a craigslist ad offering my computer services. A few days later, I received an email from a woman needing such services. She recently gave her blind friend a laptop to replace his old one, but she needed someone to transfer his personal files from the old laptop to the replacement one.

Alpha Nerd to the rescue. We scheduled a time to meet at her place.

Now, some of my family were very worried about me going to a total stranger’s house. I have enough faith in humanity to not fear my fellow earth dwellers. Plus, I’m not a very good target. For one, I don’t have, nor look like I have, a lot of money. Also, I’m 6’2″ 185 pounds with a menacing beard, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people decided not to open their doors when they look through the peephole. I reassured my family that, if anything, people would be more afraid of me than I of them.

Thankfully, this particular person happily welcomed me into her home. I solved her problem within 5 minutes. Turns out, all I had to do was transfer 25 MB worth of documents to a USB flash drive. Seems like an easy task, however, she was a Mac user and didn’t want to waste her time messing around in Windows.

Since I was done so quick, I met her husband who also had a few computer questions for me. He was an activist and wanted to create a forum for local people to discuss community topics online and in person. I read one of his essays about what he envisioned, then I showed him several forum options.

Turns out he has several other projects in the works. One of them is getting local vegetable growers together. This was one that excited me the most since I would like to grow my own food hydroponically on an man made island. I gave him my contact info. Hopefully, I can attend one of his meet ups in the future to develop my green thumb.

They were a very nice couple with a friendly cat, and they even tipped me which was very generous of them. I am extremely grateful that they accepted my help.

Using my talents to help total strangers made me feel like a superhero, and I would recommend it to others who may be so bold.


Alpha Nerd (feed)

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