May 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

cc photo by John Kroll

The following have been added to the list of current polyphasic bloggers.

– “Sleepless in Saskatoon” by Toad008 (long term)
– “She Who Chatters” by D
– “Polyphasic study” by Nate Pickering
– “My Journey To The Infinity” by Rakesh Ramachandran
– “Polyphasic sleep” by Isabeau Chaloult
– “Flairf” by cumom
– “Keep on flyin’” by Akshat Rathi
– “Brain Vault” by Ibrahim

The following have been removed.

– “Oh God, the Chicken!” by Andrew (long term)
– “Polyphasic (Uberman / Everyman) Sleep Blog” by Marc (long term)
– “The Guinea Pig Chronicles” by Cavia porcellus (long term)
– “A Near Life Experience” by Hank May
– “ovisional” by Joseph Jujnovich
– “Love is the Law, Love under Will” by Cykros


Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping (feed)

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One Response to May 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

  1. retrospect416 says:


    That picture is inspiring. I my have a photo shoot at stinson beach (sp) and am renting the sb800 external flash. Always enjoy reading your new posts.

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