June 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

cc photo by Martin Fisch

The following have been added to the list of current polyphasic bloggers.

– “Kenny’s Polyphasic Sleep Experiment” by Kenny
– “Keighsie’s er… livejournal.” by Keighsie
– “Jean’s Polyphasic Experiment” by Jean
– “nemogbr” by nemogbr
– “Polyphasic Sleep log of Angel Grablev” by Angel Grablev
– “cwfineart” by Chris Wolf
– “Technology for Living” by John Allison
– “An Experiment in Polyphasic Sleep” by Matt
– “(optional.is)” by Brian Suda
– “Why am I doing this?” by Migo
– “Phasor Dot Org
– “aeia” (video blog)
– “WalkingDog Design” by Matt Brandt
– “neurohack” by sio

The following have been removed.

– “Sleepless in Saskatoon” by Toad008 (long term)
– “La fabrique des idées” by Boreale (long term, French)
– “lies and wonderland” by muflax (long term)
– “My Polyphasic Sleep Experiment
– “Conscious Growth” by William Womack
– “Polyphasic study” by Nate Pickering
– “My Journey To The Infinity” by Rakesh Ramachandran
– “Catching Up On A Fetishist’s Zzzzs” by Isabeau Chaloult
– “Flairf” by cumom
– “Brain Vault” by Ibrahim


Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping (feed)

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5 Responses to June 2009 Polyphasic Bloggers

  1. Boreale says:

    Well, i’m not finished yet ! :-)
    It will be 1 year on next 26th of July that I’m following the Everyman schedule… with much happiness !!
    I don’t even have the idea to stop ! :-)
    But that’s right, I’ve not written on the subject for a while.

  2. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for keeping me updated. I wasn’t sure if you were still writing about polyphasic sleep. I added you back to the list. Next time I’m not sure, I’ll just shoot you an email and ask first.

  3. Boreale says:

    Great ! Thanks ! :-)

  4. muflax says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m kinda back and writing about (and adapting to) polyphasic sleep again, although I hope to be more successful and less rambling this time. ;)

  5. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the update. I added you back to the list.


    Your new blog is looking good!

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