Zzz Spotlight: Qhost

I just got word from another polyphasic blogger that would like to contribute to the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping news feed (see correspondence below).

Qhost will be attempting to adjust to the Dymaxion Sleep Schedule. Check out his blog here:

Correspondence with Qhost

From: Qhost
Date: Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 3:33 AM
Subject: Also.. : )
To: jorel314@gmail.com

I would love to be entered into your feed, I made a “Polyphasic” cat and moved my posts into there : )

Sorry for the double email : )

PS – I will also be trying to adapt to The Batman Sleep when I get a longer holiday : )


Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping (feed)

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4 Responses to Zzz Spotlight: Qhost

  1. Qhost says:

    Wow – seriously, thanks for the blog post on me : ) Its really nice of you : ) And it gives me much more incentive to stick to it : o

    I seem to have lots of people rooting for me, and lots of people trying to get me out of this! Guess thats alot of people to please and alot to shock : )


  2. jorel314 says:


    I was reviewing the polyphasic IRC chat room and saw some were trying to dissuade you form trying Dymaxion. I say go for it. You never know until you try it. The body has an amazing ability to adapt gradually.

  3. Qhost says:

    Yeah, I think I will be the first recorded adapation to a custom dymaxion ( as mine has 7,4,7,4 hours between naps to fit around school ) im “looking forward” to starting this friday. I really hope I succeed…

    By the way, do you have the link to the chat room? Im at school and cant get to any page with the link because of school filters : )

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