You’re Welcome Anonymous!

Over the weekend, I found out who left a very kind and anonymous comment on my blog. It’s moments like these that help keep me going.

Here’s what Anonymous had to say…

I came upon your blog, very interesting….I am very impressed, but more so now. We are very proud of what you do, to top it all, your kind heart, giving and helping your feloow men. Thank you, thank you for all your help, specially the recent wedding. More power to you. Good luck and good health always!!!!!!!


Alpha Nerd (feed)

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2 Responses to You’re Welcome Anonymous!

  1. Alter Ego says:

    More power to you eh? Cool. I think that you are doing a great job too. Especially your “Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping” post is great. That what made me a polyphasic sleeper. I heard about it for the first time at your blog. If there wasn’t a blog like this, I would just continue my life without trying it. So, thank you.

  2. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a kind anonymous person. That was most likely a spam comment left by a bot. The best way to tell is if they entered a website address that leads to a generic-type site. (I know, because bots try spam like that on my blog quite often.)

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