Zzz Spotlight: James Pain

Woot! Another polyphasic blogger would like to contribute to the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping news feed (see correspondence below).

James is on his third polyphasic sleep attempt. He is adapting to an everyman schedule. Check out his “Sleeping Less Than Recommended.” blog here:

Correspondence with James

From: James Pain
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Polyphasic Feed.
To: jorel314@gmail.com

Hey Jorel,
This is Raap!d, who is the author of ‘Sleeping Less Than Recommended’. Just letting you know that I am back up being polyphasic again, and I would love to be hooked up to the polyphasic feed. Let me know if this is possible, I’d like to get the word out ASAP :D
Thanks a lot,
James Pain


Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping (feed)

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