Zzz Spotlight: Alter Ego

And another polyphasic blogger contacted me to contribute to the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping news feed (see correspondence below).

Check out Alter Ego’s “Nocturnal Effect” blog here:

Correspondence with Alter Ego

From: Alter Ego
Date: 2010/6/22
Subject: About the feed
To: jorel314@gmail.com

Hey, It’s Alter Ego

I’d like to see my posts at the polyphasic news feed. We, bloggers, need to get the information about the polyphasic sleeping out there as best as we can. There are so many people who even doesn’t know what “REM sleep” means. This is what I’m trying to do with my blog. Providing information about it. I mostly try to provide information rather than telling what I do.




Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping (feed)

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One Response to Zzz Spotlight: Alter Ego

  1. Alter Ego says:

    Thanks for adding. I’m glad to feel myself more than an “outsider”. I’m trying my best but oversleep problem is really kicking my ass right now. As I said, my only goal is to get the information out there. I may fail and stop, but my blog will continue. There are no ads at my blog or anything like that.

    Knowledge must be free and all of us must do our best to keep it free. “Keeping it free” doesn’t only mean blogs and stuff like that. There are people who say that their only goal is to make the future better for mankind. Just don’t quickly believe these so-called “honest” people. Even some famous scientists that we respect now had the “trader mind” when they were making discoveries. Those shrewd scientist not only made facts more impure they also had lots of money to take to their grave. I can give you names but this isn’t the place for a discussion like this. So I will only say this, real scientists don’t spend their money on making ads about themselves.

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