I came into this world with wool over my eyes. I followed rules that I did not create. I was given a name that I did not choose.

I have observed these rules, and they have been sufficient in keeping me functioning but not happy. I am not destined to follow these rules forever.

It is my right as a free thinking, cognitive being to disagree with the rules presented to me. By unplugging myself from systems of fear, I have time for personal reflection and have come up with my own beliefs.

I believe there is no act that is truly right or wrong in everyone’s eyes. There is only what I as an individual believe through my unique experiences, and whether or not I act according to my beliefs. When I follow my beliefs, I feel good. When I go against my beliefs, I feel bad. That is my religion.

My beliefs adapt over time as I gain experiences in this amazing world. I need no certification or approval to act upon my beliefs, nor shall I force another to believe what I believe. My ideas are worth living for. They are worth dying for.

The veil blocking my vision has been lifted, I now follow my own rules, and I have chosen a name.

My name is Jorel, and this is my declaration of independence.

I created this blog for anyone to follow along on my journey to self-sufficiency. It is my belief that an incredible synergy will result when each of us has the courage to think for ourselves. It is at that moment, the world as we know it will change forever.


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  2. olaleirfald says:

    Sounds like a fresh new practical way of living your life, but I hope that you atleast pay some attention to the moral-colour of your actions.
    I fully agree with your thoughts about leaving fear behind and thinking for ourselves, it’s a shame that so few really live their OWN lives..

    Best of wishes, I’m there with you, and all others, taking a step towards a new world!

  3. Marc says:

    Dear Jorel,

    thanks for the fascinating site. I am wondering, is your interest in polyphasic sleep just to help share information about it, or have you actually tried it for yourself?

    Also I wish you luck in your attempt to live without working. I would love to be able to do the same :)

    All the best,

  4. jorel314 says:

    Hi Marc!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I was polyphasic for about a year starting in 2006 and am planning on going at it again soon.

  5. Jasmine says:


    Words cannot express how you’ve affected my life and the lives of others. You truly are amazing in your own way!!!

  6. Jae Dee says:

    I think you are one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever met!!!!

  7. jorel314 says:

    @ Jae Dee


  8. jorel314 says:

    @ Jasmine


  9. Natasha Jordan says:


    I just read your “”about”” page, and WOW, its as if i was reading something about myself. Fits perfect into my deep inner knowledge of life.
    Did you know that “”Work”” as we know it today will not be apart of the near future? Work will be something that we do becasue we LOVE it and give passion and creativity to it, Work will give us JOY JOY and more JOY. Because the future is all about LOVE.
    Did you know also that being a vegetarian is also apart of the near new super human future?
    Cows don’t say moooooo, they say BOOOOOOO to humans. BOOOOOOO stop eating us….
    Sheep don’t say baaaaaaaaa they actually say BAAAD, stop eating us.
    did you know also that MONEY will play no more part in the near super human future? And that in the NEAR future we will be able to enjoy the fruits of this current 3rd world, and also the fruits of the previous Atlantis world?

    The future is BRIGHT the future is ORANGE.



  10. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I’ve actually been looking into experimenting with a raw foods diet and hydroponics.

  11. enaz says:

    In an earlier comment you said you’ve done polyphasic sleep was that Uberman or a different schedule?

  12. jorel314 says:


    My previous polyphasic schedule consisted of 4 twenty minute naps and a core sleep of 3 hours. I did that for about a year in 2007.

  13. Serpico says:

    It’s the first time I read well your About page, and I must say it’s pretty interesting. I personally share the same belief as you in regards to the rules of life. But, allow me to add something to what you wrote. This reflects my own point of view.

    You mentioned the following: “I believe there is no act that is truly right or wrong in everyone’s eyes. There is only what I as an individual believe through my unique experiences…”

    I think this is true for things we do that do not harm the others, but when we bypass our own circle and invade others, then it would be regarded as ‘wrong’ since it is causing harm for the others. An example of that is killing. Even if someone’s belief is that killing is right, it will be immorally wrong since it is invading other people’s circle, which is way most of the religions mention this as karma, or eye for an eye, etc…

    From your words, I strongly believe you have started your path of self realization. I wish you good luck in that path :)


  14. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

    In regards to killing. I don’t think the act of killing is morally wrong all the time. I may kill someone in self defense. I might kill an animal or plant to eat it. I may want to sacrafice myself in order to save another. I guess everything just depends on the situation.

    Also, you have a great site. I’ve subsribed to your feed.

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