Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

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I’m on a quest to find all the polyphasic bloggers of the interwebs.

I’ve had some success finding past and current polyphasic bloggers via summize, google alerts, FriendFeed, Google Blog Search, and 43things.

--- # Curent Polyphasic Bloggers
*Transcendental *Logic
Sleepless in Saskatoon
Oh God, the Chicken!
Nathan Dansie’s Blog
Dream Larger…
Enliten’s PROJECT EVERYMAN Sleep Experiment
anna’s crazy sleep blog
The Wonderful World of Polyphasia
Ψ-W.X Records
The Mundane World of Ghalati
Emi Gal
Alex Biphasic

All the bloggers above currently are on a polyphasic sleep schedule or adapting to one and have blogged about the experience this month. I will be adding new polyphasic bloggers as I find them. On the first of every month, I’ll be checking if the existing bloggers on the list updated their site. If they haven’t updated in a month or if they stated they are off the polyphasic schedule, they go off the list. I’ll be adding myself to the list when I start The Batman Sleep Schedule.

Also, I decided to create a feed called “Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping” as a resource for people who are interested in polyphasic sleep. It will include posts donated from polyphasic bloggers of the past and present.

I am not doing this as any sort of business venture. You will not see any ads on this site. Everything I do is dedicated to the public domain. I am doing this because I believe that polyphasic sleep can be an alternative to monophasic sleep. Many people switch back to monophasic sleep not because of health issues, but due to social pressures. Seeing more polyphasic sleepers out there can ease the pressure.

If you are a polyphasic blogger and would like your posts included in the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping feed, here’s what you can do:

  • Whenever you write a post about polyphasic sleep, have the word “polyphasic” in it
  • Contact me and send me the link to your blog

I can then add the feed using Yahoo Pipes, and your polyphasic posts along with other polyphasic sleepers posts will show up at this feed for people to subscribe to via email or feed reader. View the image below to see how many readers we currently have.

If you use twitter, you can also get in the conversation about polyphasic sleep by using the #polyphasic hashtag.

--- # Other Polyphasic Sleep Resources
Polyphasic Sleep Group Chat Room
Polyphasic Sleep Wiki
Polyphasic Sleep Discussion Group


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