Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping


I’m on a quest to find all the polyphasic bloggers of the interwebs.

List of Current Polyphasic Bloggers

Last updated on 06/25/2010…

– “*Transcendental *Logic” by PureDoxyk (long term)
– “jorel314” by Jorel Pi (long term)
– “The World and I” by Qhost (long term)
– “grizzlyboom: a journal of a polynapping fledgling lojbanist” by Tom
– “Nocturnal Effect” by Alter Ego
– “Uberantel” by antel (long term)
– “Polyphasic Sleeping and Hypnosis” by therealwg (long term)
– “Contemplation” by akshatrathi294 (long term)
– “Unamusing Musings” by Rick Jones
– “The Sleeper Awakes” by RQ
– “Sleepless in Santa Monica” by kofferman24
– “Polyphasiac University” by rhtkc
– “Steel Willpower” by SteelSovereignty
– “Uberman Sleeptracker” by Joseph Dowdy
– “The Unending Fortress” by AnOctopus
– “In a state of thixotropy” by Lee Olesky
– “all about energy healing” by odinkirk
– “Reflections of the Cosmic Mirror” by PathRhino
– “Life in the Ages” by dontremb
– “Unexpected Observations” by AnotherSuggestion
– “Conecuh Software
– “High Existence” by Jordan Lejuwaan
– “Untrained and Derailed” by Jose
– “VAL1ant” by VAL
– “waycoolnick’s Journal by waycoolnick
– “Polynapping in Vancouver” by Cyrille

All the bloggers above currently are on a polyphasic sleep schedule, adapting to one, or are in the planning stages and have blogged about the experience within the past month. The ones that say “long term” have been doing it for more than 3 months.

Around the first of every month, I’ll be updating this list. If existing people on the list haven’t updated in a month or if they stated they are off the polyphasic schedule, they go off the list.

The polyphasic schedule I’m aiming for is called The Batman Sleep Schedule.

The Polyphasic Feed

Also, I decided to create a feed called “Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping” as a resource for people who are interested in polyphasic sleep. It will include posts donated from polyphasic bloggers of the past and present. The bold polyphasic bloggers in the list above already contribute to the feed.

I am not doing this as any sort of business venture. You will not see any ads on the feed. Everything I do is dedicated to the public domain. I am doing this because I believe that polyphasic sleep can be an alternative to monophasic sleep. Many people switch back to monophasic sleep not because of health issues, but due to social pressures. Seeing more polyphasic sleepers out there can ease the pressure.

If you are a polyphasic blogger and would like your posts included in the Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping feed, here’s what you can do:

  • Whenever you write a post about polyphasic sleep, have the word “polyphasic” in it somewhere (preferably as a tag, label, or category)
  • Contact me and tell me you’d like your content to be included in the polyphasic news feed

I can then add the feed using Yahoo Pipes, and your polyphasic posts along with other polyphasic sleepers posts will show up at this feed for people to subscribe to via email or feed reader. View the image below to see how many readers we currently have.

Other Polyphasic Resources

Polyphasic Sleep Chat Room
Polyphasic Sleep Google Group
Polyphasic Sleep Wiki
Polyphasic Map
Polyphasic Sleep reddit
Polyphasic Pie Chart Creator


76 Responses to Adventures in Polyphasic Sleeping

  1. O' Donnell says:

    I have created a Da Vinci Schedule (Polyphasic/Uberman Sleep Schedule)and I had come up with this schedule and was wondering if it was workable.


    I understand that they aren’t completely spaced 4 hours apart, yet I feel these hours fit me best..

    Thanks for the input!

  2. muflax says:


    Unfortunately, this will probably not work. Uberman depends on a regular schedule, so mixing 4 hours with 3 and 5 hours of wake time is not a good idea. You will almost certainly not develop a stable schedule that way. (I have never heard of anyone doing something like this successfully, but a lot of people try.)

    If you need to do this only on rare occasions, you can do it, but if you do this because work does not allow you exactly 4 hours, you’re better off going with everyman sleep. This would allow you a similar schedule while only losing 2 hours.

  3. jorel314 says:

    @O’ Donnell

    You never know until you try. I’d be interested in the results if you end up experimenting with a non traditional polyphasic schedule.

  4. alexbeuford says:

    O’ Donnell
    That can work, but you have to adapt to 4 hours first. If not try to sleep 5 times evenly spaced out, close to that anyway. You might find you can bend 5 naps easier around lunch breaks for work/school. I had done it for one day with 2 weeks of trying everyman before it, with being partially adapted it worked enough for me not to fall asleep however I had barely done it. I do think that 5 naps will definitely work.

  5. deviance says:

    thanks for adding. collecting and connecting should not be underestimated. and good luck with your sleep experiment, whenever you are going to start.

  6. Raynes says:

    It honestly psychs me out to think that I might be the first 14 year old to succeed at the Dymaxion schedule, publicly.

  7. Tristan says:

    Haha – thanks for adding me to the list!

    It’s a great thing for you to collect all these resources and people together – thanks Jorel!

    It looks like I have a couple of nights worth of blog reading ahead of me!


  8. Raynes says:

    Thanks for adding me to the list as well, I appreciate it. I do not intend to disappoint my readers ;). I post multiple times on a daily basis, everyone else seems to have discontinued writing their blog by the end of october…

  9. Raynes says:

    Jorel, do you mind changing my blog’s name? I changed my sleeping pattern to ubermans so change Dymaxion to Ubermans.

    Thanks man!

  10. Alex says:

    Mr. Jorel314

    Do you still update this list? I have restarted polyphasic sleeping and I am on uberman. If you remember how I used to try everyman then some other thing I made up, and my parents got mad at me because of it getting close to the end of the holidays. Well now I am back on holidays for 2 months. Uberman it is. I would appreciate being added back on to this list.

    Alex (originally alexpolyphasic, now

  11. Mila says:

    Thank you very much for adding me on. That’s great news. I can’t wait to read all the bloggs. I’m not a classic polyphasic sleeper because of work but soon I’m on holidays for 3 weeks so I will be then!
    all the best

  12. Naked Troll says:

    Hey man, thanks for the link. This is my second full jaunt into polyphasic sleep and its far different from my first run through it.

  13. Rodolfo says:

    Hi I’m Brazilian, and I’m starting in “Dymaxion sleep” and report it on my blog, please add my blog in your list:
    Thanks man

  14. Just Chris says:

    Hi there,

    I saw that you try to keep track of most blogs about polyphasic sleeping.

    So anyways, I’ve just started my schedule and will definitely try to keep it up, so if you wish to add it to your list, feel free to do so:

    By the way, I’m not on Uberman nor on Dymaxion but on Everyman which seems to fit in better for my current schedule.

    See ya!

    P.S.: I typed the wrong URL at first, sorry…

  15. Rayne says:

    Jorel, I wanted to let you know I mentioned your site, in an artical on polyphasic sleeping I did for my website, I hope you don’t mind.

  16. jorel314 says:

    @ Rayne

    Thanks for the link! I added you to the list.

  17. olaleirfald says:

    Hi there Jorel, I’ve joined the ranks of polyphasic bloggers. After wanting to do it for several months, I finally have the chance to have my own go at it. I’ll be trying to keep posting daily now during the crucial first weeks…hopefully I’ll be able to keep doing it if I successfully adapt, but either way my experiment will be documented over at

  18. jorel314 says:


    Glad to see you back to blogging. I just added you to the list.

  19. enaz says:

    Hey Jorel! I just started doing the uberman sleep schedule with a friend and am blogging about it. Would you mind adding me to your list?

    Here is the site:

  20. jorel314 says:


    You have been added… Happy napping!

  21. 4allthingsbrightandbeautiful says:

    Thanks for adding me!
    Two more to add: (my sister’s blog. She hasn’t started yet, but when she does it will be with doctors and professors running a whole battery of fancy tests on how polyphasic sleep affects someone in transition). (he has a polyphasic sleep blog somewhere on there that’s GREAT)

  22. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the links. I’ll be sure to add your sister’s blog when she gets started.

    I’ve read Steve’s polyphasic posts, however, I believe he is no longer on the schedule.

  23. Hank says:

    Great idea, thanks for this post – I`ve some discovered excellent blogs here and it motivated me into making my own. Currently I`m at day 3 of Everyman and it`s going brilliantly so far.

  24. jorel314 says:


    Glad you found it useful. I added your blog to the list.

    Happy napping!

  25. Aximilation says:

    Hank, and anyone else just getting started, welcome, good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask for input/help!

  26. This is a great idea. I know I’m still in the newb phase of biphasic, but thanks for the include. It just means I really have to stick with it now, because I don’t want to get off the list!

  27. Rakesh says:

    Hi, Thanks for linking my site here, I started to blog about polyphasic sleep in my personal blog and started to implement the progresses that i make, there is a long way to go and success is not that easy as well because u are fighting against your own self.

  28. Migo says:

    Hello! I just started polyphasic yesterday. Here is my blog and I would love feedback!

  29. akshatrathi294 says:

    Thanks for posting the link to my blog. Could you please post this link ( instead?

  30. jorel314 says:


    You got it.

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  32. Keighsie says:

    Thanks, man! I went to your blog for motivation and inspiration during the hardest times of adapting so I am honoured to be on your list! My twin has a polyphasic blog as well (she is 34 or 35 days in.) She also has a video blog on youtube somewhere. I’ll find it if you’d be so kind to add it.

  33. Thanks for featuring my site :)

  34. jorel314 says:


    I’d love to add it.. Send me the link and I’ll check it out…

  35. jorel314 says:


    My pleasure…

  36. jorel314 says:


    I think I found the video blog. I added it.

  37. Mike says:

    I had some luck with an irregular polyphasic cycle, and what you need to know is simple. You need to start portioning your time for how long you are to be awake rather than how long you HAVE been awake. takes sme planning ahead, and it’s a real pain in the ass, Even more so than strait up berman scheule. I have done polyphasic sleep twice. first time, strait up uberman. 4 hours betwen 20 minute naps, but then a month later I changed jobs, and that was out 5.5 hours .5 hour break, then 2 hours, and that was not the only obstacle that dictated my schedule. Anyhow, then I did the math and looked at my sleep to awake rationand tried to work that one out. I instead looked at the time between now and my next opportunity to nap (in hours) multiply by 5 and that’s how many minutes you should sleep. Another tip that helped immensely is music. A lot of experts say music canbe a great sleep aid, especially familiar music. Here’s something you won’t hear anywhere else so listen up. for my 45 minute nap, I listened to pink floyd dark side of the moon. And for my other lenth naps, I burned my own cd’s (I’m a musician) This ishow you tip your brain off to how long your nap will be. You may personally now how long your nap is going to be, but your brain is fucking stupid, and you have to train it like a dog… with auditory recognition. Ths should help any of you who can’t fit this into your schedules. When starting out, I actually recommend not keeping it regular, throw your brain some curves. Tell your brain who’s boss. The sooner your brain initiates crisis mode, the faster it will go into rem cycle. Good luck!

  38. Just saw that I was mentioned here. Thanks a tonne Jorel314! It means heaps :)

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  40. thesixthnapoleon says:

    My blog is still active!

  41. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the update.

  42. fgeorg says:

    Woo! You’re the first link to my first legit website. Thanks a lot for adding me to the list!

    May you nap soundly :)


  43. M says:

    Thanks for the link up but I will be giving polyphasic sleep a rest (pun unintended) for the next few weeks cos I’ll be traveling.

  44. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the update..

  45. 4allthingsbrightandbeautiful says:

    @Jorel: I’m starting polyphasic again after a semester in China. I’ve already posted my first re-entry…entry. If you re-add me, that’d be cool.

  46. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for the update. You have been readded…

  47. Keighsie says:

    It looks like the link to mine comes up with some badly formatted feed. If having it post to a blogspot or anything would help, I can probably do so as well as livejournal :P

  48. Keighsie says:

    Actually, Aeia’s too :P

  49. I’m actually starting the “Dymaxion” sleep schedule for myself. Check it out:

  50. jorel314 says:


    I was able to make Aeia’s link a little prettier by doing a youtube search for “aeia” and “polyphasic” then sorting it by date.

    I tried doing the same thing for yours on livejournal but it returned “Nothing Found” as you can see from here…

    I think if you tagged all of your polyphasic posts with the word “polyphasic”, I’d have a better link for you. Right now, I’m just taking your livejournal feed and puting it through yahoo pipes to filter out only the polyphasic posts.

  51. jorel314 says:

    @Arsene Hodali

    Thanks for the link. I added you to the list.

  52. Joseph Dowdy says:

    Thanks for including me.

  53. Aya says:

    Hey can you remove the link to my livejournal profile, just the youtube one is the one I use. Thanks!

  54. jorel314 says:


    Link has been updated..

  55. shuttupjerk says:

    Thanks for the add, buddy!


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  57. rhtkc says:

    Jorel, I’m not sure if you still check this, but could you add my blog to the list
    I’m going to be doing this for over a year. Thanks

  58. Alter Ego says:

    Hey Jorel, I have started my blog. I will try to provide information rather than just going “I slept for x hours today I feel blah blah” I hope to see my blog on this list. Keep up the good job.


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  60. Pingback: Zzz Spotlight: Alter Ego | jorel314

  61. jorel314 says:

    Hey rhtkc… I added you to the list. Thanks for contacting me..

  62. Qhost says:

    Hey :) Like the new layout!
    What was with taking two months to update? I was worried about you! I kept checking back to see if you were alive :)

  63. jorel314 says:


    Thanks for checking up! I was just slacking off..

  64. Hey jorel,

    I’ve been adapting to Everyman for the past week.
    I post graphs of my sleep stages during my core sleep which can be interesting for some to see the adaptation.
    I thought you might be interested of adding me to the list…



  65. jorel314 says:


    You have been added to the list. Thanks for contacting me…

  66. Ryan says:


    I’m almost done with my first week into the 3-hr Everyman + 4 naps. It’s not the uberman, but it’s the best I can do at the moment because of work (and it’s been tricky enough adjusting to this routine by itself)!

    I was wondering if you could also add me to the list. I have been recording everything in my own blog, which in time will include other interesting things once I get the polysleep routine firmly entrenched.

    All the best,

  67. Q and Cy says:

    Me and Cy are trying the Uberman Sleep Schedule.
    This is Day 5. We blog in german though… But I am thinking about translating my posts… I mean there are more people that speak english^^

    I got one question about my schedule…

    would that work?

    or should I start with exactly 4 hours for a few weeks and then change my schedule back?
    Because at the moment I can do any schedule I want, but school starts in about 3 weeks and I will have to use my current schedule again.

  68. Jaz says:

    I know your wish is to want complete solitude on your 30th. I will respect that. I miss you so much Daddy. I love you and I know you know that too. All I can say is I’m still here through it all….. I’d love to see you someday….. I got a glimpse of you the other night when I dropped off Mya. I saw your body through the window lol. You looked like you had no clothes. Lol when I saw that glimpse my heart dropped bc even if it’s only been weeks it feels like forever…. You look amazing of course. Bye my love….

  69. @Mike_Rossetti says:

    Hey everyone. I’m trying polyphasic sleep (so far pretty unsuccessfully) here.

  70. @Mike_Rossetti says:

    Hey everyone. I’m trying polyphasic sleep (so far pretty unsuccessfully) here.

  71. This is the first time i heard about this. Well, thanks for letting me have an idea for what Polyphasic Sleeping is. I’ll be looking forward for your next post.

  72. I’ve never heard of polyphasic sleeping until this blog! so awesome!

  73. jimmy says:

    Hi all I have a question: does polyphasic (or biphasic) sleep cause dark circles (for less sleeping)? Or not because you sleep better?
    Thanks for replies, jimmy

  74. jorel314 says:

    @jimmy I think you only get dark circles if you’re body is being sleep deprived.

  75. Thanks for sharing all the links, and good luck to everyone on the list. Polyphasic sleeping is a good alternative to those who have trouble sleeping, and it’s good to be on a schedule. We provide sleep equipment to help people sleep better, so we know there are many alternatives to getting your sleep back.

  76. Polyphasic sleep is not natural and is not recommended! This post goes into the details:

    DO NOT try a polyphasic sleep schedule – I have and it wasted a month of my life.

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