Arrr! Prepare to be boarded.

I believe ideas become part of the public domain the moment they are expressed in any way, shape, or form. Free to build upon and share. Owned by everyone and by no one.

When I come across interesting ideas that others have expressed in text, image, audio, or video format, I will post them on this blog and tag them with “pirate“.

I will also be creating tutorials on how to download, create, and share pirated media and tagging those posts with “pirate” as well.

Click on the following links to view media that I’ve pirated:
Pirated Texts
Pirated Videos


4 Responses to Arrr! Prepare to be boarded.

  1. polyphasicxperiment says:

    I believe that you’ve misused the word pirate, my friend. Pirates profit from their activities, and that is wrong. What you do appears to be sharing, which is entirely different, and entirely right. As a filesharer, I understand your misconception, just thought I’d clear it up ^ ^.

  2. jorel314 says:

    Although I don’t share for profit, I still think I’d be considered a pirate for committing copyright infringement.

    Thanks for stopping by fellow sharer.

  3. Effortelo says:

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  4. gesesensoff says:

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